High security type 1A

High Security – Type 1A

Protecting sensitive information requires assured, robust
alarm systems beyond simple domestic and commercial
products. Australian Government organisations – and those
handling their information – usually require endorsed ‘Type 1A’
Security Alarm Systems to meet the Protective Security
Policy Framework.

Secom Technical Services is one of the largest installers of
Gallagher’s Type 1A product and can assist you with design or budgeting needs. Our High Security Manager, Frank Hovath, is a former SCEC-endorsed consultant with 30 year’s industry experience.

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To stay compliant with the Commonwealth Government’s
directive, Australian Government organisations must
upgrade to the newer Type 1A standard before August
Gallagher’s Type 1A Security Alert System has
some key advantages, such as wide industry support,
networking of up to three T1A panels per connection, and
the only fully approved Type 1A Central Supervisory
System on the market.

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Offsite Monitoring of Gallagher Type 1A Systems

The newer government Type 1A security alarm system
standard offers new methods of offsite alarm monitoring.
Compliant monitoring can be achieved over Internet links
thanks to Gallagher’s end‐to‐end data encryption. A
variety of connection types are now supported including
xDSL, NBN, 3G/4G, leading to reduced ongoing
monitoring costs that deliver big lifecycle savings. These
connection types are combined to provide transmission
path redundancy. Plus, our connection times are generally
much faster as we do not require bespoke
telecommunication lines and equipment.

Secom is one of the world’s largest alarm system monitoring companies.

Our Australian ASIAL Grade A1alarm monitoring centre has been online since 1991. We also offer a protective security patrols, alarm response, and guarding. Secom is the only company offering the full suite of Type 1A services in‐house, spanning system design, installation, maintenance ‐ and now offsite alarm monitoring.
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