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Risk Mitigation

Government & Commercial Hardware Consultations
An appropriately trained and licenced Secom Technical Services Pty Ltd representative will, with your authority, conduct a review of your Security needs and prepare a detailed security proposal outlining the proposed solution and pricing for your consideration.

Should specialist input be required we can arrange for industry experts and in Government applications, a SCEC endorsed consultant to provide the necessary input to the proposal.

Vehicle Tracking
Secom Technical Services can provide protection of your vehicle or marine vessel through our vehicle tracking capabilities, anywhere in Australia via GSM wireless network in conjunction with the GPS (Global Positioning System). Additional features include Roadside coursework help assistance, Remote unlocking of the vehicle, Remote immobilisation of the vehicle and Personal Duress alarm.

Site Management Systems
Secom Technical Services Pty Ltd can provide the system to suit specific site requirements either boom-gate, sliding gates and / or turnstile, all of which are electronically controlled and accessed by pin codes, proximity cards, key fobs etc.

Emergency Power Systems
Secom Technical Services can provide Emergency Power Systems and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for all buy college papers online ranges of power applications. Examples of our expertise in this area extends from Buildings, Data Centers, Computer rooms to small single security systems with rack mounted UPS units.

Bureau Service
Secom also offers a full Bureau service to individuals and companies through our Grade A1 Monitoring station, services include monitoring via PSTN, SECURITEL, ISDN, GPS, VISION or GSM, anywhere in Australia, line integrity and daily reporting of activity.

Quality, Occupational Health & Safety & Environmental Management Systems

Secom Technical Services employ recognised management standards for the control of OH&S, Quality and Environmental Management tasks within the Company.
Documented processes based on Australian Standards are implemented throughout the company and form part of our everyday practices.

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